"Even in the wake of recent tragedies and social unrest, I believe we are headed in the right direction as a country. Today, many of the pressing issues that have historically held us back as a nation such as unfair trade, immigration, race relations, gun violence, and mass incarceration are begging for solutions. While many are shouting and screaming, I’m ready to go to work on day one to assist in finding solutions to those and many other issues.”


I am a firm believer in the Constitution; it is the foundation on which we are governed. The Second Amendment expressly states that, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

However, I also believe that we have a mass shooting and inner city gun violence problem as well. Sadly, these issues are not new to our nation. Because of mass shootings that stemmed from the late 70’s to late 80’s we enacted the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, which received support from Ronald Reagan. The ban outlawed certain types of semi-automatic weapons, including the AR-15 and certain ammunition. To date, there is no conclusive evidence that its 10-year enactment ever achieved its purpose.

In order to combat our issue of gun violence in America we need multi-faceted solutions. I believe there are multiple issues that collectively leads one to commit such carnage. We need to address the issue from a social, physical, mental, and emotional approach in order to identify an effective and lasting solution to gun violence.


For generations the idea of freely pursuing one’s dream, living in safety, and providing for one’s family has been a main driving force of why people from outside our borders have trekked long distances to have the opportunity to call themselves American. Today, it is no different. I believe that our diversity is an element that has made us the greatest nation in the world. Combined, all of our unique characteristics, strengths, and even weaknesses is what makes us strong.

However, I also believe in legal immigration and making sure that everyone that wants to come can do so legally without putting a burden on an already strained system. We are in desperate need of immigration reform in this country.

I believe in secure borders. I also believe there are many people who attempt and cross illegally every year with the purest of intentions, to provide a better future for themselves and their families. However, if we relax our immigration policies and border security based solely on sympathy and the plight of others, it could potentially attract those who do not possess pure intentions, whose sole purpose is to carry out another 911-style attack on our soil.

When it comes to immigration, there is no way to avoid having to make the tough decisions. Decisions that will negatively affect some and favor others. The failure to do so puts all of our families and the stabilization of our immigration system at risk.

I do not believe that anyone who lives in the most prosperous country in the world should have to unnecessarily suffer or die from treatable health and/or mental issues because of their tax bracket.

Nationalizing the nation’s healthcare system with Medicare for All is not the solution. There is no one size fits all answer to this problem. If we were to implement a Medicare for All policy it would result in an overwhelmed, under-resourced, and technologically outdated system. The overall solution will consist of identifying and addressing the smaller issues that create the larger problem. When I’m in Congress I will work to identify those smaller issues and provide solutions, bringing us one solution closer to solving the healthcare problem in its entirety.

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